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The Gallery is manned by adedicated group of volunteers. When exhibitions are showing, open times are:

Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm
Saturday 10am – 1pm
Closed Sundays and public holidays

Admission is free.

Contact the Arts Officer (Tiffany Davies) on (08) 8641 9175 with any enquiries, or if you would like to become a volunteer at the Gallery.


The Barracks, an open space located behind the Gallery at the Cultural Centre complex, is the perfect private outdoor venue that can be used for festivals, wedding services, reunions, outdoor meetings and theatrical performances, just to mention a few.

The Port Augusta Cultural Centre has a portable stage. Panels are 1m x 2m ;and can be arranged in different heights and designs (see photo below). It is great for catwalks, stage floors, risers for weddings, DJ's and many other uses. The stage was a joint venture of the former Port Augusta Brass Band and the Port Augusta City Council.

There is no charge for hiring the stage itself, which saves you approximately $1,440 for the entire stage ($60 per panel). However, there is a charge for transport of the stage to your preferred location and its assembly and dismantling by our staff. The stage can only be used in the Port Augusta area and transport and assembly/dismantling is organised by Port Augusta Cultural Centre.

Institute Theatre

Previously known as Club 15/18, then as The Club, the Institute Theatre complex is located ideally in the CBD, making it convenient to combine business with pleasure. It consists of a main/open area, stage area, kitchen, toilets (for patrons/hirers only), front foyer, two meeting rooms (for 10-14 people of which one has a small adjoining kitchen), a bar area, and an outside courtyard area. The main/open area stores retractable seating at one end, which holds up to 122 when set up.

The Institute Theatre is perfect for conferences, workshops, morning teas, small theatre shows, Christmas shows etc. Microphones, whiteboard and a data projector are available on request. There are also tea & coffee facilities.

Contact the Venue Co-ordinator (Lindy Madigan) on 0417 828 726 to book this venue for your next function.

Lea Memorial Theatre

The Lea Memorial Theatre was once used as a hall for deb balls, weddings and various other functions. In 1993 the Anderson Dancer Theatre Promoters, under the guidance of the late Greg Faulkner took over the hall and transformed it into a modest theatre.

With the construction of a lighting box, lighting bars, curtains, seating, new sound equipment, carpet, tiles and a complete paint job as well as the addition of an annex for larger shows and many other improvements, the Hall is now a well run but modest theatre.

With the likes of The Four Kinsmen, Khamahl, The Waratah Girls Choir, The Wiggles, The South Australian Police Band, Manpower, The Spirit of Ireland Dancers as well as local schools, theatre and dancing groups, the Theatre is well utilised.

The Theatre can be used for theatre shows, conferences, church functions, workshops, graduations, fashion parades, exhibitions and various other functions.

It has the advantage of a flat floor at the front half of the theatre, with removable seating which can be utilised by shows that require audience participation. Great for kids shows. The flat floor also allows conferences to be set up with displays on the floor area.

It is interesting to note that until January 2009 the Theatre was completely maintained and managed by volunteers, when at that time the Council created and advertised a new position "Venue Co-ordinator" in which the occupant was responsible for the Barracks and the Institute Theatre at the newly developed Cultural Centre complex and the Lea Memorial Theatre.

The Lea Memorial Theatre is available for hire. Maximum seating capacity is 420 (220 of those are removable - rows V-L).

Please contact the Venue Co-ordinator (Lindy Madigan) on (08) 8641 9175 or 0417 828 726 for enquiries and bookings.

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